GRABB-IT* Cable Splice

Grabb-ITThe GRABB-IT* Cable Splice will splice and re-tension broken or damaged p.c. strand in both bonded and unbonded conditions. Applying tension to the cables is accomplished by screwing the GRABB-IT* turnbuckle in after the end anchors have been locked on to the strand. This will give you a maximum of 5-1/4" of elongation.

The force on the cable can be measured by either a strain gauge or torque wrench.

With a minimum of 1-1/2" of thread engagement, the GRABB-IT* will meet and exceed the design strength of the strand (laboratory test results available).

All GRABB-IT* Cable Splice units are zinc chromate plated to ASTM B-633, type 3 to provide corrosion resistance.

The GRABB-IT* is availible for most standard sizes of strand, 3/8", 7/16", 1/2".

GRABB-IT Cable Splice Torque Charts


* Patented