T-630 FAQs

Q. How high of a form can I pour into?
A. The T-630 can pour into a form up to 9’6”

Q. How fast will the T-630 pour?
A. The T-630 is capable of pouring all 6 yards in just under 2 minutes – or it can fill up a 5 gallon bucket without spilling any. The T-630 has fantastic pouring control.

Q. How do most prestress plants fill their T-630’s?
A. In order to make the T-630 a really efficient machine you need to have a batch plant on site with a minimum 3 yard capacity. The plant should be set up to allow the T-630 to drive underneath.

Q. How fast will the T-630 go?
A. The T-630 has infinite speed control up to 8 mph, and will handle a 6% grade.

Q. How hard is it to drive and pour at the same time?
A. With a little practice the operator will build their confidence in the machine and its operation until driving and pouring at the same time will become second nature.

Q. Can I use “Self Consolidating Concrete”?
A. Yes, with the aid of the “Spout Valve” the T-630 can pour Self Consolidating Concrete without making a mess.

Q. Can I pour zero slump concrete?
A. Yes, the heavy duty auger is strong enough to push even zero slump concrete. And the air vibrators will keep the concrete feeding into the chute.

Q. How does the T-630 pour into really small or thin forms?
A. With the aid of the Reducer Snout the operator can narrow his poor down to 8” and with the selective pour control very small or thin forms can be filled without a lot of spillage or mess.

Q. Where can I get parts for my T-630?
A. Many components are readily available from local parts dealers, or they can be ordered from the factory.

Q. What kind of options are now available on T-630’s?
A. Spout Gate (for Self Consolidating Concrete), Enclosed Cab & Air Conditioning, Foam Filled Tires, Fixed & Swivel Chute Extension, Hopper Splash Deflector, and Hopper Cover.

Q. What kind of resale value could I expect from my used T-630?
A. A very good one. Used T-630’s in good condition will bring top dollar. Prestressers are always on the lookout for used machines. Many times in the past, used T-630’s were sold before the “ads” could be published.