Concrete Accessories

Flex Duct


Flex Duct






Galvanized flexible Duct , 24 to 26 gauge thickness. Diameters available from 1-1/8″ through 6″. Larger sizes available.  Meets ASTM A653/A653M.   lengths cut to order.

Flex Duct Hangers


Flex Duct Hanger






Flex Duct hangers a great for placing and holding flex duct in place during the pour.  The ends just snap over the strand or rebar.  Hangers are custom fabricated to your specs.

Strand Recess Plugs


Strand Recess Plug






Strand recess plugs form a void at the end of the beam allowing the strand to be cut off and grouted over.  Available in ½” strand only. Call for quantities.