Post Tension Accessories

Wedge Seating Tool seating tool2

Our wedge seating tool is a fast, economical way to get your wedges evenly seated in the chuck. Simply put the tool over and around the strand and slide it up against the wedges. Now tap the other end of the tool with a hammer and your wedges are set and ready to pull.

Post-Tensioning Pocket Formerspocket former2

Our plastic pocket formers are used to create a void in the concrete for easy access to the post tension chuck. Once the chucks are tensioned, the void can be grouted over covering the strand and chuck.

Available for 3/8″-1/2″ and .600″

45° Pocket Formers also available

PT Anchor Cleaning Tool

PT Anchor CleanerThe PT Anchor Cleaning Tool will help remove concrete residue from inside the PT anchor body. Simply insert the tool into the anchor body and while pushing in, rotate the handle.  Remove the tool and blow out the concrete dust. Now the anchor body is ready for the wedges.  The tool works on ½” bodies only.  Part number 402220.