Post Tension Rams

P-T-ram01Standard P.T. Rams available in 20 ton and 30 ton units. Both have 10” stroke cylinders, however, longer strokes are available up to 16”. The rams come standard with a 3” nose piece. Longer nose pieces are available. Both rams offer optional power seating capability. Weights: 20 ton = 55 lbs., 30 ton = 76 lbs.

Unitized P.T. Rams are available in 20 ton and 30 ton units with a 3” nose and 8” of stroke. These power seating units are light weight and ideal for use in limited access environments. Longer nose pieces are available.

Weights: 20 ton = 42 lbs., 30 to = 52 lbs.

Unitized AL P.T. Rams are machined from aluminum making this one of the lightest rams available. This unit offers 8” stroke cylinders and a 4” nose piece. Only available in 20 ton model. The unitized ram is equipped with a power seater.

Weight = 35 lbs.

Call for details and pricing.