Post Tensioning Pumps

PT-pump02We offer the Enerpac Model ZU-4 Series Pump Unit. This pump is a compact workhorse featuring a 1.7 h.p., 10,000 psi pump capable of stressing up to .600” size strand.

The hydraulic flow is controlled by an easy to use 3-way valve (pull, neutral and return). The unit also comes standard with a remote “pull” control with 10 foot cable.

The load indication is provided by an easy to read 4” direct-reading gauge. The gauge is glycerin filled to reduce vibration and is durable to hold calibration on the job.

Voltage is 115 volts, 22 amps.

Pump weight – 56 lbs.

Post Tension Rams

Now available Power Team pumps

Power Team 1Power Team pumps are available with the power seater option,  1.2 HP,   2 gal oil capacity,  pump weight 66 lbs.