Digital Gauge Option

Digital Jack 2-1Prestress Supply Inc. is proud to offer a digital gauge option for all Hercules Stressing Units.  The digital gauge is highly accurate and very rugged, built to withstand the harsh environment of a Digital Jackprestress yard.  Unlike analog gauges, the digital gauge cannot be shock loaded out of calibration.  To make calibrations easier, the load data can be stored in a laptop and reloaded into the gauge  at any time.   The LCD readout screen is bright and can be easily read in direct sunlight. The digital option is available on both the new Model B and Model C Hercules Stressing Units.  A Retro-Fit Kit is available for existing units in the field.  For that option, look under Hercules Accessories.

Digital Gauge Specifications

  • Digital Jack 6-3Water and shock resistant
  • Gauge accuracy to 0.1% from 14  ̊ to 122  ̊ F
  • Capable of recording up to 6000 data points
  • All recorded data downloadable to laptop
  • Power is 120 VAC with battery backup (2 AA batteries included)
  • Corrosion resistant marine enclosure
  • Software, data cable, calibration instructions included
  • Transducer is built in to the gauge