Hercules Model C

Mod C Jack 2The Model “C” stressing system is the heavy duty option for the most demanding stressing operations. The Model “C” is capable of pulling even the largest cable (.700″) and will pull .600″ all day long with ease. The Model “C” is fast, pulling .600″ cable at 8 seconds per foot.

  • 20 hp motor and large 33 gallon reservoir ensure a stronger, faster and cooler operating system
  • Quad wheel design offers greater stability and foam filled tires mean no more flats
  • System operates on either 220 volt or 440 volt, 3 phase
  • Direct reading initial and final gauges, 0-10,000 lbs, 0-100,000 lbs.
  • The ram cylinder is ground and honed and the cylinder is chrome plated
  • The cylinder area is 22.8254 sq. in.
  • Heavy reinforced ram and chuck box will handle higher loads for years of rugged use. Due to the extra weight, we recommend using a ram gantry, or a frame for positioning the ram.
  • Tapered nose extension is standard on all model ā€œCā€ rams, allowing workers to center the ram in tight strand spacing
  • Warning horn and light are standard