Aggregate Testing

Screen Shakers Sieve Shakers
TS-1 Screen Shaker, 120/60
TS-1 Screen Shaker, 220/50
TS-1 Screen Shaker, 120/60
TS-2 Screen Shaker, 220/50
Assorted Screens
Sieve Shaker, Ro-Tap 110/60, 8”
Sieve Shaker, 8-8” Sieves, 120/60
Sieves, 8” diameter
Sample Splitters Accessories
Splitter  #12-1/2”
Splitter  #12-3/4”
Splitter up to 2”
Splitter  ½” – 4”
Density Basket, ASTM Steel
Chapman Flask
LeChatelier Flask
Conical Mold and Tamper, ASTM
Sand Equivalent Test Set
Organic Impurity Test Set


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