Pad Cap System

The Pad Cap system is a safe and economical way to prepare your test cylinders for breaking.

The Pad Cap consists of a multiple use restraining cap with a reusable elastomeric insert. The cap and insert are placed at each end of the concrete test cylinder, allowing the compressive forces to be evenly distributed against the cylinder. The Pad Cap system will ensure you get accurate test results every time.

Pad Caps are available for 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” cylinders.Pad Cap System

Pad Cap inserts are available in different hardnesses:

  • 6”    50, 60, 70 durometer, 24 per carton
  • 4”    50, 60, 70 durometer, 24 per carton
  • 3”    60 durometer, per piece
  • 2”    50 durometer, per piece