Removal Tool

Removal Tool

If a strand chuck locks up on a piece of strand, dont beat it! Use a chuck removal tool.

PSI offers a Chuck Removal Tool to assist in breaking the chuck loose. Simply cut the strand loose with the chuck attached, then remove the cap and spring. Place the piece of strand in a vise and slide the removal tool up to the base of the chuck. Insert the lip of the tool into the chuck body. Now take the Sliding Hammer and slide it on the strand striking the butt end of the removal tool. This will force the lip of the tool to hit the tip of the jaws and disengage them. Now just remove the chuck.

To increase the life of the Removal Tool, only strike it with the Sliding Hammer. Striking the tool with a regular hammer will put an uneven shock load on the lip causing it to crack.

The PSI Chuck Removal Tools are available for chucks from .6″ to 1/4″. The Sliding Hammer works on all sizes.

removal tool

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