Strand Chuck Lubrication

Strand Chuck Lubrication

During the stressing sequence, the internal components of the strand chuck are put under extreme compressive loads. The jaw assembly must move down in the body for proper seating to occur. If the jaws do not seat evenly, slippage, cracked jaws and strand breaks could occur.

During the detensioning and tear down sequence, chucks that have not been lubricated are very hard or impossible to remove from the strand. Usually this results in someone hitting the chuck to break it loose which can damage the body reducing its useful life, not to mention a damaged chuck body can be an accident waiting to happen.

PSI Chuck Lubricants are formulated to withstand the compressive forces inside the chuck and still provide the necessary lubrication allowing the jaws to evenly seat and release.

teflon sprayPSI Teflon Spray is a clear, fast drying teflon lubricant that is easy to use, not messy and has no buildup. Each can is 12.5 ounces, 12 cans per case, part number 1656.

molly sprayPSI Molly Spray is a graphite colored lubricant with high compressive lubrication qualities. The molly spray applies a thicker coating than the Teflon spray, making the application easier to see. Each can is 15 ounces, 12 cans per case,  part number 1636.

graphite powderPSI Graphite Powder is a fine consistency powder used for dusting the bodies and jaws. The graphite comes in 1 pound cans, part number 1546.