Calibration Loadcell FAQs

Calibration Loadcell FAQs

Q. Can I use my loadcell to troubleshoot a mechanical issue with my stressing jack?
A. Yes, many times hydraulic problems can be hard to find. The loadcell can help isolate the problem and identify what is working and what is not.

Q. How long is my loadcell certification good for?
A. One year, after that you just send the loadcell kit back to the factory and they can re-certify it.

Q. What is needed to calibrate my own stressing equipment?
A. You should have a knowledgeable person who is familiar with the operation of your stressing equipment as well as the calibration procedure. If you
are a PCI certified plant, or doing D.O.T. work, you will need a P.E. to sign off on the calibration. A laptop may be required if calibrating a digital
gauge. Other necessary hardware will include a 4 to 5 foot piece of .600, 270k strand, 2 strand chucks, and a couple of proving blocks.

Q. Can I leave my loadcell ring attached to the tensioned form.
A. No, the loadcell ring is not designed for prolonged loading and it is not weather proof. Do not leave it hooked up in the rain!

Q. Can I hook up more than one loadcell ring to the digital readout box at a time?
A. No, this unit is designed for mono strand calibration and can only read one cell at a time. Every loadcell ring is mated to the readout box and the
loadcell ring in order to troubleshoot it.

Q. Can I use my loadcell to calibrate my compression machines?
A. No, the loads incurred by a compression testing machine will destroy your loadcell. The cell has an accuracy rating up to 50,000 lbs, and is designed
to be used with single strand prestressing equipment only.