Hercules Jack FAQs

Hercules Jacks FAQs

Q. Does the Jack come calibrated?
A. No our Hercules jacks do not ship pre-calibrated. The factory will adjust the gauges close to true load however
that is not a calibration. PCI as well as several state DOTs require the unit be calibrated at the plant.

Q. Can I calibrate my own jack?
A. Yes, provided some conditions are met. First you will need a calibration loadcell certifide through NIST (National
Institute of Standards). Secondly you must have a knowledgeable person who is familiar with the operation of the jack
as well as the loadcell (PCI and some DOTS require a P.E.). A laptop will be required for the digital gauge calibration.

Q. Can I attach a different brand of ram to my Hercules pump unit?
A. No our system works on 3000 psi operating pressure and our gauges are set up for a specific cylinder area. It is very
important to only use Hercules rams with Hercules power units.

Q. Can I operate a Model B ram on a Model C power unit?
A. No due to differences in the cylinder area and the hydraulic flow you must use the same model ram with the correct model
pump unit.

Q. How often should I change my oil and filter?
A. If the unit is used a lot we recommend filter replacement quarterly and the oil annually. Should the oil become contaminated
with either water or dirt, stop stressing and change the oil and filter. Check oil levels before operation.

Q. Why won’t my analog gauge zero out?

A. As long as the unit is turned on the pump will continue to turn creating pressure. A small amount of residual pressure will
always be present when the unit is on.

Q. Should I hook my ram up to a gantry or lift arm?
A. Due to the weight of the ram many plants choose to hoist their rams in a number of ways. Make sure the lifting method enables
the ram to stress straight and true with the direction of the strand.

Q. Why do I need to use the “ease-off” function when detentioning?
A. You must use the ease-off function to prevent shock loading the strand and strand chucks. The ease-off allows hydraulic
pressure (load) to release gradually allowing the strand chuck to lock on to the strand in a slow gentile manner.

Q. Why is the safety latch at the end of the ram important?
A. The latch assembly not only keeps the strand from coming out of the ram, it also helps keep the ram centered on the strand
before stressing.

Q. Can I install quick disconnect fittings on my hoses?
A. NO WAY! If the hose is dropped, even a small amount of dirt can cause the disconnect to malfunction creating a fluid restriction.
Plugging the disconnect back into the hose will inject debris into the hydraulic system beyond the protection of the filter system
creating lots of hydraulic problems.

Q. Can I plug power tools or lights into the 110volt power plug inside the machine?
A. No this is the transformer for the warning horn and light. Attempting to run power tools from it will damage the transformer.