Tuckerbilt T-644 FAQs

Tuckerbilt T-644 FAQs

Q. How high of a form can the T-644 pour into?
The boom and chute will clear an 11′ tall form.

Q. How do yu fill the T-644 with Concrete?
A. Customers should have a batch plant on site capable of mixing at least 3 yards of concrete at a time.
The clearance underneath should be at least 12′ allowing the machine to drive underneath.

Q. How fast will the T-644 travel?
A. The T-644 can go up to 12mph depending on yard conditions. The machine will also climb up to a 6% grade.

Q. Will the T-644 pour self consolidating concrete?
A. Yes with the aid of hydraulic spout valve.

Q. Will the T-644 pour zero slump concrete?
A. Yes the heavy duty 14″ auger is strong enough to push zero slump concrete and the air vibrators will
help feed the zero slump into the auger chute.

Q. How will does the T-644 pour into really small or thin forms?
A. With the aid of the reducer snout, the operator can narrow the pour down to 8″ and with the selective
pour control small and thin forms can be filled with little to no spillage.

Q. What kind of re-sale value does the T-644 have?
A. A very good one. A T-644 in good condition will bring top dollars. Precasters are always on the lookout
for used machines.

Q. Will the T-644 mix concrete?
A. No it does not mix. It is used for strategic concrete placement.