Bearing Pads

Bearing Pads

Viblon Cushioning Pads

R.O.F. Reinforced Bearing Pads
High load capacity
Low friction
Low deflection
Rotational capability
Seismic and thermal movement control
AASHTO approved
Structural grade random oriented fiber
Rotational capability
High load
High shear properties
Neoprene Bearing Pads
R.O.F. #3000
Commercial grade random
oriented fiber
High compressive strength
Made of virgin choroprene (neoprene)
Meets  AASHTO specifications
Rotational capability
Thermal movement control
Isolates high frequency vibration
Maintenance free

Korolath Shims

Korolath is a specially formulated plastic that is impervious to liquids, alkalis, ground chemicals and micro-organisms.  Korolath will not rust or rot and its performance characteristics are stable and predictable.

*Shim strips: Used for placing and leveling precast panels, tilt slabs and other architectural or structural components.
*Shimpaks: Pre-assembled packages of heavy duty shims for large load bearing of precast components.
*Bearing strips: For use with prestressed concrete plank and hollowcore.
*Horseshoe spacers: Perfect for shimming around bolts or dowels.  Available with 13/16” slot.