PSI Insulated Form Covers

PSI Insulated Form Covers

A superior cover for retaining moisture and heat during accelerated curing.

PSI Insulated Form Covers are fabricated of 1/4″ thick closed cell foam sandwiched between two layers of 18oz. PSI Steam Curing Cover. ( A vinyl coated woven nylon mesh). Closed cell foam was selected because it does not absorb moisture and has excellent insulating characteristics.

PSI Insulated Form Covers have an R-Factor in excess of 4 per inch of thickness

PSI Insulated Form Covers will not rot or mildew when stored wet. They will not tear, are easy to handle, are abrasive, puncture, and ultra-violet resistant, and are non-absorbent and non-wicking.

PSI Insulated Form Covers have been proven to be superior for accelerated curing in prestressed and precast operations. They are also excellent for kiln doors, pipe curing covers and very effective as a curing tent.

PSI Insulated Form Covers are fabricated to your size specifications with hemmed edges. Includes grommets on 5′ centers. Grommets and D rings are available for lifting and tie downs.

Other thicknesses are also available for special conditions.

Sample of cover available upon request.