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Dillon Dynamometers are precision measuring instruments that enable you to accurately determine the weight of any concrete component while suspended by crane or other lifting device. Accuracy is ± ½% of full range, and available in capacities from 500 to 100,000 lbs., 200 to 50,000 kgs., and 2,000 to 500,00 newtons. Dynamometers are built tough with an ultimate safety factor on most models of 5:1. All dynamometers are calibrated and certified traceable through N.I.S.T.


dig dynamometer2


Digital dynamometers are available with easy to read LCD display, with capacities ranging from 2,500 lbf to 100,000 lbf with levels of 0.1% of full range.

The EDxtreme model offers multiple dynamometer networking capacity (with optional communicator module) To measure with up to 4 dynamometers at one time.

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