Form Release Agents

Form Release Agents


SLIPPIT is a form release coating designed especially for use in the prestress/precast industry. It is primarily a resin based material containing no petroleum oils or greases. SLIPPIT can be used on steel, wood, epoxy and concrete forms.

SLIPPIT improves the quality of the concrete finish by leaving a smoother surface and sharper corners. SLIPPIT prevents bonding and minimizes concrete buildup on forms.

SLIPPIT is a concentrate and must be reduced using mineral spirits. One gallon of SLIPPIT to 10 gallons of mineral spirits.

SLIPPIT can be applied using a brush, mop or sprayer and will dry in one to two hours.

In many applications, it is possible to get more than one pour out of an application by simply spraying straight mineral spirits on the form to reactivate the existing SLIPPIT.

SLIPPIT coverage is 1,000 sf per gallon (thinned).

SLIPPIT is available in 5 gallon pails.


Release 100 is designed to provide a superior concrete finish on all types of prestress and precast forms. Release 100 works well with self leveling concrete reducing bug holes without creating any buildup in the forms. Release 100 is easy to apply. It requires no mixing. Just spray it on concrete. Once dry you will be able to stain or paint your product. Release 100 is economically priced and is biodegradable.

Release 100 is available in 55 gallon drums and 330 gallon totes.