Stressing Systems

Hercules Stressing Systems

Model C 2Hercules Single Strand Tensioning Systems have been the prestresser’s choice for more than 40 years. Both systems operate on a low pressure design using low pressure high volume fluid flow. With the lower pressure, seals, o-rings and hose failure is greatly reduced.

Both systems operate mechanically. There are no electronics to short out. Many Hercules systems have been left out in the rain and snow and continue to work for the customer year after year.

All Hercules systems offer an ease-off function that allows the jack to Model C Control Panel 3release the strand in a gentle, controlled manner. The ease-off function eliminates shock loading to your chucks and strand. This will increase safety for your employees as well as increase the life of your chucks.

Both systems are easy to use. Just set the pressure regulators and no other adjustments are necessary unless you change strand size.

Model B 2 3All of the Hercules Rams offer an open-face design that enables quick access to the strand. Just slide the chuck on to the strand, drop it into the chuck box and pull.

On center pull rams, the pulling jaws are built into the ram. What happens when a pulling jaw breaks or strips out? What if you want to change strand size? You have to take the ram off line, tear it down and change the jaws. What happens if you don’t have a spare set?

With our open-faced design, you pull with the same chucks that you use on the beds. If you want to change strand size, just slide a different size chuck on the end of the strand and drop it in the chuck box. You are ready to pull.