Digital Gauge Revolutionizes Stressing Jacks

Digital Gauge Revolutionizes Stressing Jacks

Digital Jack 2-1After more than 35 years of selling Hercules Jacks, we have finally come across a digital gauge that will revolutionize  our stressing  jacks for many years to come.

At first when we were approached with this digital gauge, we were skeptical.  Many times in the past we have seen digital readouts installed on stressing jacks with marginal results.  However, after finding out that one of these gauges had been installed on a jack in Tampa, Florida, and had been doing fine for over 5 years, we were impressed!  After spending some time researching this new “wonder gauge”, we have come to the conclusion that the technology combined with the rugged quality of this product make it the perfect choice for Hercules Stressing Jacks.

The first production Hercules Jack with digital readout is in use at Coreslab Industries in Tampa, Florida, and is doing great.  The operators absolutely love it and the calibrator now spends 15 minutes calibrating the unit  instead of an hour or more.

We realize that there are a lot of customers out there that would love to be able to convert their existing jacks to digital so we have come up with a Retro-Fit Kit to do just that.  We have several kits sold now and we have customers saying they are going to switch every jack in their  plant over.

For more information on the new digital option, go to stressing equipment on our web page.  More information on the Retro-Fit Kit can be found on our jack accessories page.

Happy stressing.

Bruce Hartup
Prestress Supply Incorporated