Concrete Curing Covers


PSI Steam Curing Covers are designed for indoor and outdoor use and exposure. They are made from vinyl coated woven nylon fabric to withstand temperatures as low as -55° F. Since they are not laminated, their life expectancy is greatly increased.

PSI Steam Curing Covers will not mildew or rot from being stored wet. They will not tear, are easy to handle, are abrasion, puncture, and ultra-violet resistant, and non-absorbent and non-wicking.

PSI Steam Curing Covers have been proven to be superior for accelerated curing in prestressed and precast operations. They are also excellent for kiln doors, pipe curing covers and are very effective as a curing tent.

PSI Steam Curing Covers are fabricated to your size specifications with plain unfinished edges. Hemmed edges, or hemmed edges with grommets are optional at an additional charge. Other types of fasteners are also available.

Sample of covers available upon request.

PSI Insulated Form Covers