The TUCKERBILT T-644 is the ultimate strategic concrete placement vehicle, designed to pour up to 6 yards of concrete into the most complex forms. the T-644 is engineered for maximum efficiency in your precast plant. With the large 14″auger, concrete can be quickly and accurately delivered. The detachable reducer funnel allows you to place concrete in even the most demanding locations without spillage and waste. the T-644 offers articulated steering maximizing maneuverability allowing it to turn in half the distance of a ready mix truck. With the cab in the elevated position, the T-644 can easily poor into forms over 9 foot high.

The machine is engineered strong for endurance in the harsh plant environment. The massive frame gives support for the heavy-duty turntable. The auger system is overbuilt to handle all types of mixes and to provide a long trouble-free lifespan.

The T-644 is easy to operate and maintain. The controls are designed for ease of operation and to maximize the T-644 performance. There are also many safety features built in to the machine to ensure the operators safety and comfort including a pressurized cabin with climate control.


RA-106 Concrete Release Agent