Strand Chuck Accessories

TRIPLECHStrand Chuck Accessories

During prestressing, a critical factor in safely using your strand chucks is making sure they have been cleaned, inspected and lubricated. A worn out, dirty or unlubricated strand chuck can lead to all kinds of problems including the possibility of an accident.

Prestress Supply offers all the essentials for keeping your strand chucks operating safely and efficiently. Our jaw and body brushes are specifically designed to fit inside the jaws and bodies to insure a clean biting and load bearing surface.

We offer several different types of chuck lubrication that will handle the extreme compressive loads that your strand chucks are put under during stressing.

Many times strand chucks can be hard to remove from the strand. Beating them is NOT the answer.  We offer a chuck removal tool that will safely remove the chuck from the strand without damaging your chuck jaws.