PSI/PAUL Strand Chucks

PSI/PAUL Strand Chucks

PSI is the proud distributer of PAUL Strand Chucks in America.

PAUL is a world leader in the manufacturing of prestressing chucks.

The PSI/PAUL Multipule Use Strand Chucks are manufactured in Germany using superior quality materials and extraordinary care, providing the utmost in quality and safety. The PSI/PAUL Strand Chucks are machined from special high tensile, heat treated steel with the ultimate strength of nearly 50% higher than the service load.

PSI/PAUL chucks bodies are all checked by ultrasonic imperfection testing. Any chuck body that does not test to 100% is rejected and destroyed. To further quality inspections, a number of chuck bodies are subjected to load and cycle testing to destruction to assure strength and longevity.

The PSI/PAUL multiple use jaws are machined from select case hardened steel to strict tolerances exceeding industry standards. Jaws are also 100% hardness tested for long service life.

Our warehouse maintains a large inventory of all the different types and sizes of PSI/PAUL Strand Chucks. We also keep a very large inventory of parts and accessories necessary to keep your strand chuck line up an operating smoothly.

Prestress Supply Inc. and Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. agree that mixing different brands of multiple use chucks and parts is highly not recommended as it increases the risk of failure to the components or strand which could result in injury or death.